Day Two Apprentices tafeSA

8am Day 2

Well it’s day two and things are progressing well so far (Only 10am Smoko)
All present and correct and a two-hour theory session has flown by and out into the workshop to Peer and Self Assess yesterdays work. The reluctance is slowly subsiding and most are becoming accustomed to the still new routine of tafeSA.

  • Morning spent relationship building with personal experiences and work place attitudes and co-workers and who to watch working.
  • Brief Bio of themselves as workers and people, who they work for and what they like doing.  Also what they would like to do in the future.
  • Signed consent for images to be used and so I will get some in here asap.
  • Concentrated on the why we are doing and learning what we are learning more than the content itself..  It seems to work better.. we shall see..
  • First Quote look at basic Math and Formative math quiz to gauge levels in group..
  • Discussions on SWMS, JSA and completing one for each student by end of tafeSA training
  • Communication, a Reflection on the Cutting exercise from Yesterday and problems seen.
  • Practical fixing, metal trims and flushing, inital diagnostic assessment for student skill levels.
  • Discussion on the Methods used for Take Off(Estimating for Quotes) and legal implication for building works under the Act.  All building works undertaken must be evidenced in writing and signed by all parties to be legal, with details of builders name address and Builder’s license number and a.b.n., amounts payable and scope of works.
  • 2nd coat recesses and metal trims.  benefits of clean tools and working clean

Reflection on session

  • More work completed
  • Longer classroom sessions and more engagement
  • Level of Maths extends to 75% of students up till decimal multiplication some simple division issues overall OK
  • Asked about Pi and areas of Circle, Pythagoras and 3:4:5
  • Practical fixing, metal trims & flushing feedback 40% only minimal flushing 70% no metal trims 20% had not fixing experience.
  • End of session all fixed sheets well, neatly and to specs and all flushed recesses and metal trims 1st coat competently.  Excellent results, better than normal session results of the past.


Learning by doing and Assessment for learning techniques are proving to be an advantage over my past methods and allows me to tailor information and discovery of skills to smaller groups and targeting their needs easier.  I will be using these techniques more and developing better ways to incorporate them into as many areas as I can.. to judge their merits and benefits over time.

The group seems to be really engaging well with me and each other and looking for more things to do to improve.   My feedback to them has been positive and they have responded well to the sessions.      All good soooo  farrrr…

About wallandceiling

I currently design, create and administer over 180 Moodle online courses as part of a project in tafeSA with the BJIT Business Services Team. This project has highlighted a need for training in Moodle and how to implement and maintain courses online. I have been a lecturer in Wall & Ceiling Lining (Drywall for Americans) in Adelaide South Australia involved in the CPSISC validation of the CPC08 National Training packages and the CBA Program to build capacity in assessment through the use of Action Learning and Assessment for Learning principles.
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