Empty Poles

Victoria Park Entrance Flag Poles
Empty Poles

The sky dark

And looming,

Spreads across

The Adelaide sky

Behind the once

Adorned flag poles

Stark and Contrasted

Against the black clouds

They stand as

Reminders of the

   Punters gate.

The Victoria Park racecourse gates, Adelaide Parklands, South Australia.  Proud and now unused.  Canon 40D 70 – 200mm IS USM lens handheld at ISO200, f4.5, 1/125s @ 200mm focal length.
Image by rob beckett copyrighted all rights reserved © 2011

About wallandceiling

I currently design, create and administer over 180 Moodle online courses as part of a project in tafeSA with the BJIT Business Services Team. This project has highlighted a need for training in Moodle and how to implement and maintain courses online. I have been a lecturer in Wall & Ceiling Lining (Drywall for Americans) in Adelaide South Australia involved in the CPSISC validation of the CPC08 National Training packages and the CBA Program to build capacity in assessment through the use of Action Learning and Assessment for Learning principles.
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