RPL update

Time seems to have slipped quickly by without much notice and an RPL candidate I have been experimenting with, in a tafeSA qualification and funding way, has almost come to a close. The process has been a bumpy one, much like the corrugated iron above.  It started as a simple RPL journey and to the unwary a straight forward exercise.  Well it was anything but I see now on reflection.

It is meant to be already organised, have a system in place, all down pat as they say…

The trouble is that in this case it was a refugee.   What about the language barriers, technical terms, funding costs, evidence gathering, Moodle units, enrolment, past experience from a war-torn country.   Turns out that the simple well laid out plans and systems aren’t designed to accommodate the refugee applicant that well.

Evidence I have, On-site visits Check, Interviews Check, Cost (Grey area), Enrolment or Fee for service (Grey area), Demonstration and gap training (Check), Paperwork (Ongoing) and it goes on.

After all has been done, it now rests with the paper work and that brings me to the new tafeSA student management system and how it goes in there.  The final hurdle now. Hopefully soon I will be able to document the whole procedure and have it available for our section and no one will have to go through this experience feeling quite so stressed and having to learn all the different aspects of our systems alone.

It will be a relief to finally complete the RPL and then look back at why it was so complicated and lengthy and how it can be improved, simplified and recorded.  My good fortune was to have an applicant that was patient and understanding with no real deadline pressures.  Hmmmm that is my hope… we shall see…

About wallandceiling

I currently design, create and administer over 180 Moodle online courses as part of a project in tafeSA with the BJIT Business Services Team. This project has highlighted a need for training in Moodle and how to implement and maintain courses online. I have been a lecturer in Wall & Ceiling Lining (Drywall for Americans) in Adelaide South Australia involved in the CPSISC validation of the CPC08 National Training packages and the CBA Program to build capacity in assessment through the use of Action Learning and Assessment for Learning principles.
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3 Responses to RPL update

  1. G’day Mate, I see you worked with the CPSISC to develop the new CPC08 wall& ceiling lining training package, Do you know if the RPL assessors kit will also be done for CPC08 or is it still acceptable to use the BCG Doc. ?

    Thank you,
    Perry A. Olive,

    • Hi

      I asked the same question but the answer was vague to say the least. The BCG03 doc is no longer a current qualification as far as RPL is concerned. Anyone getting RPL will be granted status in the CPC08 Package. If you used the Qld Kit BCG version you would have to have a mapping document as an RTO to show how it relates back to CPC08.

      You are welcome to go to the CPSISC Web page and click on the Improvement register and add your comments/request there, they will look at it as part of the development process and who knows. It is the audit requirements that would be the trouble with the old Kit some of the new units of competency are not in the BCG Kit. Here’s the Link CPSISC Improvement Register You may need to set up an account (it’s free) login as a member and then add you thoughts.

      Hope that helps we are always looking for input regarding the training package and where it should be heading so any information or thoughts you have would be great to hear.

      Feel free to add any thoughts you have any time, love to hear what’s going on in Queensland and in the Industry in general. Are you a member of the AWCIA?


      Rob Beckett

      Wall & Ceiling Lining
      tafeSA Gilles Plains Campus
      0410 886 270

    • Hi Looked at some of your documents, good information and well laid out the only thing I would say is that as an RTO we have to show ownership of the documents and have version details and the training package details to cover audit requirements for RTO’s sounds like just paperwork in the initial reading but it focusses attention on continuious improvements reviewing and reflection of the content and results achieved..Great to here freom you. Cheers anything that improves the skills, training and workmanship or workwomanship and increased respect for our trade..

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