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Starting Out

Chat Session

CPC08 Moodle Course Screen Shot
Moodle LMS

     31st August. Andrew, Gabriele, Paul, Roly & I, 12:15pm with Moodle Chat, all attended, most had never used Chat as a medium of communication and apart from some slowish typing all got on well though reluctantly at first. Paul had to leave early to take a class but could see a use for it with students.

     One fault, I forgot to save the text after the session for reflection. That won’t happen again. Wasted opportunity and lost information. Gabriele and Andrew indicated possibilities and a willingness to submit content and look at examples of on-line content. They also saw possibility for use with country and remote students.  Roly has resources he would like adapted for the Moodle platform and Paul will be working with Andrew to come up with some opportunities to get their content up and running online.

The Moodle Chat room ready to go
Moodle Chatroom window open..

     The Chat format is easy to use and can bring people together from where ever they are.  Students can login from Home, Work, a Library or even their mobile Smart Phones.  Chat could allow students to discuss OH&S issues they see about them actually on site.

     Overall a good result and some thinking focussed on elearning and what they are looking to do and have..The next step will be a Centra Synchronous session to see what they think about that method of delivery.

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About wallandceiling

I currently design, create and administer over 180 Moodle online courses as part of a project in tafeSA with the BJIT Business Services Team. This project has highlighted a need for training in Moodle and how to implement and maintain courses online. I have been a lecturer in Wall & Ceiling Lining (Drywall for Americans) in Adelaide South Australia involved in the CPSISC validation of the CPC08 National Training packages and the CBA Program to build capacity in assessment through the use of Action Learning and Assessment for Learning principles.
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