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 As a followup to my last post I thought I would start off with where the students need to go with regard computing skills.

  1. Basic Word Processing

Letter witting & General Correspondence  mock resume

Quotes and orders via fax and email 



Students need to be exposed to basic business letters and other documents that come across the desk of an employer.

The WorkCover, Bank Statement type documents

General letters on letterhead, a.b.n., a.c.n., builder’s license numbers, full details and address.

Quotes for works and materials for purchase

Emails and email etiquette

Adding an image to a word document (company logo)


Spreadsheet Fundamentals

  • Setting up & entering basic data

Page set up, column, headings and lines, adding data directly into cells on the spreadsheet

  • Columns and Rows

What information do you need to record?

What headings do you need

How does it need to be viewed?

  • Sub Totals & Totals

    Click the AutoSum Button to select cells


At the bottom of the column or end of the row do you need a total?

What happens after the AutoSum is clicked

Ready to total cells

What do you want to do with the total?

Add A column This adds Cells A1 down to A9 together =SUM(A1:A9)


The These cells will be totalled click to see a larger version“∑”symbol is at the top righthand corner of the Excel spreadsheet and clicking on it will start the process of adding cells totals, then you need toTotal of cells above here click to see larger version highlight the cells you want totalled and click OK and it will do it for you.

  • Electronic Diaries & Basic Database use

      • What is a database

    It is basically just a Spreadsheet with information stored in cells which you can access when you need that information. E.g. Outlook Dairies, Access Databases etc

      • Using a database for customer records

    Your Outlook address book is a database, Google contacts is to

      • Diaries, appointments and reminders

    A diary is just a book if you don’t use it correctly

    Make your appointments by entering the date, time, location, phone contact details, address and email details, also add details of the meeting/appointment, what you need to bring or do prior etc

    Add a reminder at least an hour before to give you time to get there or get ready etc

    In a separate diary entry add a reminder that the meeting is coming up tomorrow or later

    Finally after the meeting add another entry/appointment with details of any follow-up that needs to be done and then enter any further appointment that you may have organised with reminder.

    This method while it at first seems a lot of work will remind you of appointments and what if anything has to be taken or done at that meeting the address, location and time of the appointment and full details of who is prest and the nature of the appoint. (Quote, payment, site meeting etc)

      • Sync it with your Smart Phone

    This allows you to have your diary with you always and be able to look up any conflicting appointments when scheduling work or meetings

    You can add appointments on the spot and it helps you keep organised and on time.



About wallandceiling

I currently design, create and administer over 180 Moodle online courses as part of a project in tafeSA with the BJIT Business Services Team. This project has highlighted a need for training in Moodle and how to implement and maintain courses online. I have been a lecturer in Wall & Ceiling Lining (Drywall for Americans) in Adelaide South Australia involved in the CPSISC validation of the CPC08 National Training packages and the CBA Program to build capacity in assessment through the use of Action Learning and Assessment for Learning principles.
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