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Me in my TafeSA shirt

Me in work mode

A surfer carving a re-entry off the Lip at the Pass, Byron Bay, New South Wales

Off the Lip. photo by Rob Beckett ©2009 copyrighted

I am a building Lecturer for TafeSA, who loves, to take photos, write poetry, teaching apprentices, surfing, skiing, sailing, play music & singing and until the 13th August 2007 that’s what I did.

Me surfing at Currumbim on the Gold Coast 2006

Me in 2006 Currumbin

One of my subjects was Occupational Health Safety and Wealfare and irony was about to strike at me. One morning at work while pulling down some student’s work that had been left up by lazy apprentices I bent over to pick up some plasterboard that came down from the ceiling to bin it and a 20mm thick plasterboard fire rated light fitting fell from the suspended ceiling.

The box weighed almost 10 kilograms and it hit me at the top of my forehead, the sound it made still makes me feel cold and sick when I think about it.

It was the kind of crunch that you never want to hear in your head. Since that day most of the things I loved to do in the past have been either not possible or only possible with pain and pain killers.

An X-ray of the Titanium Bolt fused into my spine

Titanium Bolt in my spine

The accident has done one thing for me, I appreciate the Occ health & safety regulations and what they try to do, but another thing happened. My injury has forced me to look at everything that is important to me and everything that I enjoy or makes me feel like a whole person again. My fears, demons, friends and strengths. The past few years will be with me forever and while it may not be the highest point of my life it proceeded to teach me some life lessons I hope I can live up to..

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