by rob beckett

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Two boys helping each other up to the top of a roof

Helping Hand

I shot this at Henley Beach near Adelaide in South Australia late on a hot afternoon. A group of teenagers was gather around the shelter at the end of the pier. They always group together to bomb off the jetty railing in to the water and flex there testosterone and rippling abs.

Girls with voices of 10 year olds huddle in nervous clusters to secretly watch them and to scream and shriek with delight. The stormy clouds that have hung over Adelaide for years now and have only just begun to drop the precious rain on us silhouetted the triumphant climbers as they reach the summit.

Over the past months photography and poetry have merged and more and more my poems and images are coming together. The aim is to add them to this site as I complete them, it helps get my images out of the filing system on my computer and into the open for a change. I hope you like them….

All images and writing copyrighted rob beckett © 2010

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Ideal posting, We are browsing back persistently to watch out for refreshes.

  2. Bo says:

    Absolutely love the new look. I really enjoyed this content. Many thanks for your great posting.

  3. Thank you for your feedback

  4. Great article, еxactly what I wanted to find.

  5. Lee Pogue says:

    How would one go about obtaining permission to use of photographs on their website?

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