Recognition of Prior Learning

RPL is a recognition of experienced gain in the workplace/job site.  Many workers have been employed by builders but never trained and received a qualification.  If you have worked in the wall and ceiling lining industry for 2 – 4 years and feel you have the necessary skills may be our RPL project might be of interest to you.

As a side project we are undertaking a review of RPL and our Moodle LMS (on-line learning site) for Wall & Ceiling Lining.   Gradually we will be completing the process to help up skill the large numbers of existing wall and ceiling lining workers looking to gain a national qualification through the RPL process.

Step Up with RPL to qualifications image copyrighted rob beckett 2011
Step Up with RPL “Click image” image rob beckett

RPL can be the fast step up towards your qualifications.  The application system will be available on-line and in association with tafeSA and the BCF section at Gilles Plains, an interview to judge how much you need to do and depending on your experience what extra training is required,  you may be eligible to recognition for units towards your qualification.

Contact tafeSA BCF for more details by  Email: building@tafesa.edu.au night courses are a way to get training units assessed they run at tafeSA Gilles Plains regularly send us an email or call Office hours Phone: 08 82071273.

All images copyrighted © rob beckett 2010

2 Responses to RPL

  1. Angelica says:

    Thanks for writing this information within your site.

  2. Write House says:

    Good advice… easy to forget about RPLs.

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